Front Card
Who is Cheraee C?

A prodigious writer from Detroit, MI who can write any form of writing that exists including poetry,
music, novels, autobiographies, plays, small/large web media scripts, magazine articles, book reviews etc.
She is also the editor of (2) Detroit based magazines which are SDM and Indie Faith Magazine and is the
editor of Mocy Publishing LLC.

Who put you on in the writing industry?

I met Casino Bailey the C.E.O of Mocy Publishing LLC in January 2014; every since then I’ve been self-
publishing books and writing my heart out.

Why do you self-publish?

Years prior to me teaming up with Mocy, I submitted many projects to mainstream publication companies
all over the US and I either never got a response or I got a rejection letter in the mail. I received my 1st
rejection letter in 2007 from Triple Crown Publications. I’m sure back then I wasn’t as skilled in writing
as I am now, but I was born with this talent so I was always going to become a published author no matter

What is the philosophy behind why you write?

This is my craft; I was born to write. I’ve always translated my pain, my experiences, and my societal
views into some form of writing. Growing up I was raped and became addicted to reading and writing.
I’ve never stopped writing since then.

How do you plan to change the writing industry?

I want to propose new types of literary genres as I have invented (2) of my own I call reality fiction and
intellectual hood fiction. I also want to motivate other authors that rather to write a million books, find a
million ways to market your books.